Collection: Sydney C. Lohr Memorial Fund

Sydney C. Lohr was an amazing young woman with endless potential. She had a spark and a determination to make something of herself and to take the world head on. You couldn’t ask for a better daughter, sister, coworker, classmate, or friend. She was one of those people who just had a magnetism that was infectious. 

Unbelievably, in July of 2023, Sydney was taken from us tragically too soon. As she was leaving a shift at her summer job at Cole’s restaurant on Elmwood Avenue, she was struck by vehicle operator who was charged with reckless driving, and lost her life.

While endlessly processing their grief, Sydney’s parents and brother have decided to try and do something special to honor her. In conjunction with St. Lawrence University, a scholarship fund has been set up to embrace her legacy and ensure that she lives on in some capacity.

The Sydney C. Lohr Memorial Fund is a designated non-profit charitable venture to procure funds for the scholarship in her name. 

Proceeds from these items go towards the funds for the scholarship. 

Please visit for more info about the Memorial Fund and any events they are hosting.