Collection: Bring Albert Home

Albert the Alligator is 34 years old. He’s been with his owner every day for those 34 years. We are not saying that alligators should be kept as pets but Albert didn’t bother anyone for 34 years and for 34 years no one bothered him. Why now? There are so many abused and neglected pets in Western New York and no one bats an eye. Albert does not appear to be one of them.
All we see on a regular basis is people giving up their companion animals for convenience, throwing them to the streets to fend for themselves, and Albert’s owner has dedicated his life to taking care of Albert and had this indoor enclosure built for him. Imagine how much work it is to take care of a 750-pound alligator for 34 years?
We don’t know much about alligators but we do believe that any animal who has had a loyal companion for 34 years deserves to spend their final years where they feel safe and at home.

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